Individualized Diagnostic Study (EDI)

In FIV Valencia, we offer you the EDI fertility diagnosis (Individualized Diagnostic Study)  for only 90 euros in a single visit, which we will discount at the beginning of your treatment.  This is carried out by an expert gynaecologist in infertility, where in addition to carrying out the necessary diagnostic tests, your reproductive history (previous treatments and tests) will be reviewed.


Review of your medical history

Assessment of previous tests and treatments

3D ultrasound with the study of ovarian reserve and receptivity of the uterus

Anti-Mullerian hormone assessment on the spot

Diagnosis and treatment guidance in one visit

Study of the male (Seminogram)*

For patients abroad or in other autonomous communities who cannot come to a visit in person, we have a special Individual Diagnostic Study through video consultation. For more information, fill out the form and we will contact you.

* these exams will be carried out only if necessary.

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