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Female Couples

The desire of a female couple to have a child is today seen with great normality; a family unit with two partners of the same sex is possible today thanks to the law establishing this right, and the assisted reproduction procedures which make it technically possible.

 At FIV Valencia, many children have been born through this technique, who have made so many mothers happy.

 The type of treatment that can be carried out will depend on the fertility characteristics of the women who wishes to become pregnant, as well as her age and ovarian reserve. Based on this, the most suitable technique will be selected, which may be intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilisation, or a donation of oocytes or embryos.



Alternative Treatment

The current law makes a distinction with regard to the parentage of children of female couples based on their civil status.

If they are unmarried or a domestic partnership

The woman undergoing the pregnancy will be the mother for legal purposes, and the other will have to initiate an adoption process to be recognised as mother in the Civil Register. In this case the options and processes to carry out are based on the physical state and reproductive health of the woman who wishes to become pregnant, choosing from:

- Insemination with donor semen

- In vitro fertilisation with donor semen

Double donation

- Embryo adoption

If the couple is married

If the couple is married and both sign the Informed Consent document, for legal purposes, both will be mothers of the child. On many occasions, the couple decides both will become pregnant, one after the other. On some occasions, only one wishes to become pregnant, and sometimes they decide to undertake shared pregnancy. In this case, we can offer the Reception of Oocytes from the Partner (ROPA) technique, which consists of stimulating one partner, from whom we obtain the ovules. These are inseminated with donor semen, and the resulting embryos are transferred to the other partner who will carry the pregnancy. In this way, both participate in the process.

The reason that only married couples can access this technique is that Spanish law clearly establishes that the donation of gametes must always be anonymous, and it is not permitted to choose the donor, as would occur in the case of an unmarried couple.

Additionally, the medical criteria must always be considered, which after the evaluation of both women will determine the medical indication for undertaking the treatment in the best safety conditions for the health of both mothers and the future of the baby.

In all cases we offer personalised psychological support

We are aware that takin this step involves a series reflection and a brave, crucial decision. We will not only accompany and support you, but will also help you search for associations, support groups, portals, etc. which may help you as a single mother.

Why FIV-Valencia?



You choose the transfer date, and we will organize your trip and the treatment cycle, adapting everything to your personal needs.

We have many years of experience with patients from abroad and in particular from Italy, so we know just what you need to make you feel at home. With our help, you can undergo the treatment in two simple steps:

Make a first visit to FIV Valencia, during which you can also vitrify a sperm sample. That way you can come the second time just for the IVF transfer!

Choose the day that best suits your needs to make the transfer! We will take care of the rest.


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